This website is to share with you exactly what it is that I do.  Here are a few projects that I've worked on recently that help bring some light and shade to my skills and services.

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BODYALIGNMENT RE-BRAND and website re-development

A highly successful remedial massage therapy clinic in Byron Bay was in need of defining its market position and subsequenelty a brand overhaul.  In a cluttered market where massage therapy is highly competitive it was time for Bodyalignment to stand apart from their competitors.

Bodyalignment now sports a new identity that includes a refreshed logo and colour schematic as well as a new website optimised for mobile, business cards and e-news strategy.


ANDREW reid - brand voice and copywriting

Andrew Reid is one of Australia's up and coming superstars on the sporting commentary circuit. A genius at wrapping words around other peoples achievements particular on a finishing line; a different story when trying to articulate a brand voice for himself.

Originally I worked with Reidy to distill his quintessentially Australian style and supported the development of his 'brand' voice and biographical website.  Reidy and I continue to work together on a range of projects that give my copywriting, editing and proofing skills a good regular work out.


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the australian design centre - organisational vision strategy & re brand

The ADC has been one of Australia’s leading arts and design institutions for the last 50 years. As 2015 drew closer, the impending anniversary saw them caught at a crossroads – were they an art gallery? Creative think tank? Or something else entirely? With a bold new brand, strategy and purpose in place it was time to discover what what as the heart of the centre and create a new brand accordingly.

Check out the amazing outcomes of this brand overhaul on Interbrand's stand apart blog here.